augmented mural

animation for ar

This is a portion of the Arne Nixon Community Mural, which was designed by Rafael López and painted in May 2019. My class teamed up to each animate a segment of the mural with AR.

The person in my slice of the mural is holding a book, so it seemed natural to show them reading it. To do this, I first flattened the perspective of the image in Photoshop, then traced a vector copy over it in Illustrator. This made it easier to separate each visual element and animate them individually in AfterEffects. Finally, I used ZappAR to pair the QR code with the segment of the mural that I wanted to animate. The software uses image recognition to project my animated video over the mural, bringing it to life.

watch animation

see it in action

scan this qr code with your smartphone camera, then open the web link and point your camera at the mural photo!
(if you're viewing this on your phone, sorry, lol. you can check out animation on youtube below.)

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